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Another post from your friendly neighborhood mod!

Diane again... I am going to be playing Pansy Parkinson from now on. I will still update Tonks' journal, I just will be more active as Pansy. That way I can interact more with all the characters. Apparently we are having problems among the group. I stated in the rules that "You aren't allowed to do anything that affects another persons character without their permission", but some people are taking it a tad bit overboard. This is suppose to be fun guys! You're ALLOWED to form opinions, and yes that may affect some characters... what I meant by that rule is that like, for example, your character isn't allowed to physically harm another person's character, or go off and snog them without them knowning about it...that sort of thing. The plot is fresh! Please do what you like with it! All I ask is that you don't take it too seriously! Thanks!

Please add golden_pansy to your friends.
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