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a Harry Potter RPG

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You're probably wondering a graphorn is right? A graphorn is a large, grayish-purple creature which lives in the mountains of Europe. Graphorns have two extremely sharp horns. They are extremely dangerous animals. Graphorn horns are useful for potions and Graphorn hide is even tougher than dragons' and also repels spells.

I am not going to be too strict on the rules but there are a couple of things.
Email me with your real name, chosen character, AIM screen name (if you have one), sample entry

  • You aren't allowed to do anything that affects another persons character without thier permission
  • When you post out-of character your subject must be titled "OOC" that way everyone knows its out of character
  • If you make a private post for yourself, so only you (or another person such as [For Harry Only]) can see it, please let everyone know it's a private post
  • If you want a character that isn't taken and someone else wants that same character I may a may request a sample entry from both of you
  • If you want to recieve an Owl from home, or post a picture, or even have a really long entry please use the LJ-Cut tag
  • For OWL posts use "owl" as your subject
  • Please no quizzes or surveys
  • Slash is allowed, but only if both characters agree
  • PlEaSe DOn'T tYpE lIkE tHiS

This RPG takes place during Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts.

Moderator: Diane

Email: quidditchgod@hotmail.com


  • Gryffindor

    1. Harry Potter
    2. Hermione Granger
    3. Ron Weasley
    4. Ginny Weasley
    5. Neville Longbottom
    6. Dean Thomas
    7. Pavarti Patil
    8. Lavender Brown
    9. Seamus Finnigan
    10. Colin Creevey
    11. AJ Fletcher-O.C

  • Slytherin

    1. Draco Malfoy
    2. Vincent Crabb
    3. Gregory Goyle
    4. Pansy Parkinson
    5. Blaise Zabini
    6. Evelyn Forte-O.C

  • Ravenclaw

    1. Cho Chang
    2. Roger Davies
    3. Luna Lovegood
    4. Padma Patil
    5. Mandy Brocklehurst

  • Hufflepuff

    1. Hannah Abbott
    2. Susan Bones
    3. Justin Finch-Fletchley
    4. Ernie Macmillian
    5. Zacharias Smith


  1. Albus Dumbledore - Headmaster
  2. Nymphadora Tonks - Defense Against The Dark Arts
  3. Filius Flitwick - Charms
  4. Rubeus Hagrid - Care of Magical Creatures
  5. Minerva McGonagall - Transfiguration
  6. Severus Snape - Potions

    Other Characters:

    1. Fred Weasley
    2. George Weasley
    3. Lord Voldemort
    4. Lucius Malfoy
    5. Remus Lupin
    6. Alastor Moody "Mad-Eye"
    7. Molly Weasley
    8. Aruthur Weasley

    I know there are still many characters I didn't list, if you don't see a character you wanted just email me.