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off to shop...

everyone who's going come on...
*begins trek to hogsmeade*
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*Mandy walks with Blaise and Draco into Hogsmeade. They look at several of the shop windows and finally decide to go into a designer boutique. Mandy gazes at all of the womens fashions and thinks that they are all very beautiful and extravagent. She carefully eyes a black, silk halter top, which is paired with a black silk skirt. She's not sure if she wants to try it on, but she walks over to where it's displayed and checks the price. (top:150 skirt:215) She walks away from the ensemble, and wonders why they had chosen to enter such an expensive establishment.* "Shouldn't we check somewhere a bit less glamorous boys?" *she says as she approaches both of them.*
::apparates to Hogsmeade because she can...mwhahah...while everyone else is looking at fancy clothes, sadly she is in the three broomsticks drinking flavored soda. when you're on a teacher's budget, sadly you can't afford fancy clothes::
YOU CANT BE SERIOUS?!?! Witchazelli is the top brand of the wizarding world! *scoffs*less glamorous...

*sees black leather pants*


*goes over to them and takes them off the rack*

"Don't get me wrong they are definitley gorgeous clothes. But we'll probably only wear them once and that's tonight. Don't you want to be comfortable when you go clubbing?" *she says to his back as he admires the pair of leather pants. The sales woman approaches them and asks Blaise if he wants to try the pants on. She goes to Mandy and asks her for her measurements* "No I don't think I'm going to buy anything, but thank you for your assitance" Mandy says. "It doesn't hurt to try!" the sales woman says as she starts to pick clothes off of the racks and gather them for mandy.
::Glances at Mandy, taking a few steps away from her. Walks around a bit, throwing a shirt or two at Blaise before wandering off by himself to look at the leather jackets::
*to prissy store lady, who is following me around*i think i'll try on this(green cardigan), and these(black leather pants), and this(red silk tee), and this(torn jeans), and-OH MY GOD! are those Antipodean Opaleye trousers!?! *grabs them*
Don't you even dare think about buying that. ::He shouts from a bit away, pointing to the red silk tee::
why not???
Because you'll look like a straight Gryffindor, and I don't think that's the look you're going for.
- Walks into the store, not really noticing either one of them. Running her fingers through her hair, her blue-green orbs dance around the hop, looking for anything that might attract attention to her. Looking in the right direction at the wrong time, she noticed Draco - and Blaise - in the same vacinity. Blinking, she looked down and made her way to a crowded part of the store, hoping not to've caught either one of their eyes. -